McLanahan Ultra Fines Recovery Plants

Product Details

The McLanahan Ultra Fines Recovery System is a combination of a Sump, Pump, Hydrocyclones and a Dewatering Screen in a module that is specifically designed to recover nominally +400 mesh (38µm) solids from a wash plant effluent stream. The recovered material is conveyable and stackable and is suitable for multiple industries, including sand, iron ore, coal recovery, ash, industrial sands, frac sand, and more. UFRs provide the finest size-fraction recovery available without the use of added chemicals.

Features & benefits:

  • Maximum fines recovery without chemicals
  • Potential saleable product
  • Reduce fines reporting to the pond
  • Possible reduction in flocculant cost in Thickener
  • Increase pit yield when utilizing the fines
  • Use the recovered fines for property rehabilitation
  • Low-cost operation
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Modular construction