Rapid Reclaimer

Product Details

The Rapid Reclaimer is a reclaiming unit for the recovery of unused concrete. The unit recovers washed out sand, aggregate and grey water and is capable of processing up to 20m3 of slurried concrete.

Features and benefits:

  • FRAME – One part, rugged, all-welded mild steel fabrication of rectangular box section and mild steel plate. Complete with tray feeder plate and safety guards
  • DRUM SCREEN – Steel wire mesh supported by a steel frame. The drum is 1.3m in diameter x 2.7m long and is powered by a hydraulic motor and gearbox drive
  • WASHING SYSTEM – By water jets at fixed positions including fi­nal rinsing of sand in the dewatering screws and of aggregates on the aggregate con­veyor
  • SAND SCREW – 2No 400mm diameter de-watering sand screws fitted with geared hydraulic drives
  • AGGREGATE CONVEYOR – Channel section with head drum powered by a hydraulic geared motor
  • WATER GIRAFFES – Twin water giraffes to load recycled/ clean water into truck mixers before cleaning
  • POWER UNIT – Electric motor 11kW (15HP) coupled with hydraulic pumps to drive the drum screen, sand screws and conveyors, controlled with a safety relief valve.
  • OUTPUT – This machine will process up to 20 m3 per hour of slurried concrete. (Assuming continuous feed of materials).
  • CONTROLS – Integral control panel housing control all valves etc. providing start-stop and emergency stop buttons to each side of the Reclaimer unit.
  • OVERLOAD – The system incorporates an overload automatic shut off valve which will close down the feed to the machine when the machine is overloading. When this happens the feed to the machine will be automatically increased again as the surge of materials gets processed