McLanahan UltraDRY

Product Details

McLanahan’s UltraDRY Dewatering Screen is a field-proven design based on decades of process knowledge and experience. McLanahan customers have achieved as low as 7% moisture content when adding a McLanahan Dewatering Screen after their screw washer. This drier product is easier to convey, creates steeper stacking angles and can be sold the next day.

Offering the highest G-force available on the market, McLanahan UltraDRY Dewatering Screens are built to handle the largest loads and process more product. High G-forces also allow for the formation of a deeper bed of material, allowing for the retention of materials much finer than the screen media openings. The UltraDRY’s heavy-duty urethane screen media holds up to the deeper bed depth and higher G-forces. The orientation of the drive motors eliminates the need for a variable frequency device or brake to stop the side motion of the screen.

The UltraDRY’s low-profile design fits closer to the screw but also allows a stacking conveyor to be installed directly underneath the discharge end. A divided deck design allows for the creation of two separate products on the same screen.

Available sizes are: 9m x 2.45m, 1.2m x 3m, 1.5m x 3.6m, 1.8m x 3.6m, 2.1m x 3.6m, 2.1m x 4.8m.