ThorLinks – Portable Transfer Conveyor – Jump/Grasshopper

A swing free hopper design simplifies the folding process making this stacker easy to setup and operate.  All these conveyors come standard with an automated belt tensioning system and premium quality belting.

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Thor Offers a wide range of portable transfer conveyors to cost effectively suit any application.  All transfer conveyors have a height adjustable range of 8ft at the axle.

Very Durable – High-end components such as CEMA C idlers and CLASS 2 reducers make these conveyors very durable.

Cost Effective – Basic design makes these the most cost effect alternative to highway portable units.

Effortless Maintenance – Single Source components and simplified design creates effortless maintenance.


Model Belt Width Length Capacity
TC50x36-0500/0800/1000 36in 50ft 500/800/1000 stph
TC70x36-0500/0800/1000 36in 70ft 500/800/1000 stph
TC80x36-0500/0800/1000 36in 80ft 500/800/1000 stph
TC100x36-0500/0800/1000 36in 100ft 500/800/1000 stph
TC120x36-0500/0800/1000 36in 120ft 500/800/1000 stph
TC150x36-0500/0800/1000 36in 150ft 500/800/1000 stph
TC80x42-1200/1500 42in 80ft 1200/1500 stph
TC100x42-1200/1500 42in 100ft 1200/1500 stph
TC120x42-1200/1500 42in 120ft 1200/1500 stph

Standard Features

  • Belt scrapers (twin-edge) & tensioning System: patented
  • Belt splice: vulcanized
  • Contactors: IEC
  • Gear reducers: CLASS 2
  • Idlers: CEMA C
  • In-line swing axle
  • Safety guarding
  • Steel: 60,000 psi
  • Tail Pulley Kicker Bar

Optional Features

  • Anchor pad
  • Colour: custom
  • Contactors & starters: NEMA
  • Dual drive
  • Galvanizing: hot-dip
  • Push down axle: patented
  • Quick-release system
  • Receiving chute: custom
  • Tow hitch
  • Transport landing legs: hydraulic
  • Transport Landing Legs: Regular
  • Wireless Remote Control

Specialty Features

  • Belt alignment sensor
  • Belt scrapers: H/D – Martin
  • Safety pull chord
  • Zero speed sensor


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