A Trommel Powerhouse

Oct 16, 2023 | News

The MDS M515 mobile track trommel is the jack of all trades when it comes to clearing up a mine site.

As the only exclusive dealer of the MDS M515 mobile track trommel in Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, Lincom has made it its business to know the ins and outs of the heavy-duty machine.

A flagship model, the M515 is the ideal machine for recovering rocks mixed with sticky materials like clay.

Lincom general manager Western Australia Mark Crestani told Australian Mining the M515 is set to solve a range of bulk handling challenges for the industry.

“We’ve seen the M515 perform really well on all mine sites, but particularly where a mine has sticky, hard-to-process material. That’s where it really shines,” Crestani said.

“Sticky materials would normally bind up in a vibrating screen, but the action of the trommel screen helps clean them up.

“In the worst applications, we can fit a drum cleaner to the M515 so the material can continue to flow.”

The MDS M515 trommel in action in Western Australia.

The M515 has been a staple of the industry for several years, so when MDS wanted to grow into the Western Australian mining scene, Lincom was the obvious choice for an exclusive dealership.

“Lincom saw this as a significant opportunity to add value to our current brands,” Crestani said. “Not only does it add to what we already offer, but it creates more value for our customers.”

Mine sites would generally screen out larger rocks with a scalping machine, but even the largest scalping machines can’t match what the M515 can do.

“We’re seeing a lot of sites pick out larger rocks manually, because their current equipment can’t handle the larger sizes,” Crestani said. “Obviously that’s not great for productivity and it can lead to inefficiencies.”

The M515 can handle rocks up to 800mm in size, so on-site workers no longer have to be tasked with sorting these by hand.

“There’s a lot of really strong downstream benefits from the M515,” Crestani said. “A lot of the time, overburden is pushed to one side without being processed, but the M515 allows this to be processed efficiently.

“We’re even seeing people create a revenue stream from being able to process rocks from overburden that, without the M515, would just be a waste product.”

Thanks to the versatility of the tracks on which it sits, the M515 can easily be moved from site to site, and the conveyors fold out efficiently so mines no longer need to waste time on set-up.

And with Lincom’s after-sales service, customers can be assured that any problems will be solved quickly.

“We have our own fitters who can provide any sort of technical assistance or breakdown assistance,” Crestani said. “We also hold spare parts for any model that we supply, so we’re well covered when it comes to servicing.

“We also have field service across the areas that we supply to. Even though the M515 is a relatively simple machine to operate, we want to be available to alleviate any of those growing pains that come with implementing a new machine.”

Lincom attended factory training with MDS before taking delivery of the M515 to ensure its teams were up to date with the machine.

“We also conduct operator and safety training on the same day the machine is delivered, and that’s a service we provide no matter what,” Crestani said. “But the fact that the machine is simple to install is a real advantage.”

In an industry where bulk handling is such a common, everyday occurrence, miners need to be assured their equipment is up for the task.

The M515 can provide that assurance, especially with Lincom’s experience and skill backing it all the way.

“The M515 is heavy-duty by nature,” Crestani said. “It’s big. It’s solid. And, most importantly, it’s going to deliver.”


This article appears in the October issue of the Australian Mining magazine.