The Rapidmix 400CW allows quarrying business to produce high quality-controlled mixtures for utilisation in a range of projects

by | Sep 16, 2021 | News

A recent delivery to an Australian-owned civil contracting and bulk haulage business extended their capability to produce a variety of materials in large volumes, all with precision control.

The plant offers a cost-effective solution where high specification compliance coupled with a high-volume, fast throughput are critical. The Rapid 400CW will be mainly used for operations at the quarry but will also be sent out to other sites when necessary – the unit has a national standard for vehicle safety certification making it easy to transport.

The decision to purchase the mobile continuous mixing plant is attributable to the ability to do batch on demand, adjust the feed rates and change the recipe as required. The quarry uses its own hard rock source to produce its mixtures, offering countless advantages in meeting the supply and demand requirements of the local market.

The new plant also offers peace of mind with its user-friendly, touch screen record-keeping system that is automated, precise, and detailed. The quarry is able to monitor all production that was completed in the day, including the formulas throughput.

On the safety side, the pugmill is easy to access for maintenance and cleaning, being at a ground level eliminates the Working at Height hazard.

To ensure the machine is performing on its peak efficiency every day, after the delivery and commission, Lincom Group’s technicians provided hands-on training on the operation, maintenance, and safety features.

The Rapidmix is already hard at work and has been constantly producing high-quality homogenous material, all with the highest mixing action and maximum output.



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