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Lincom Group is expanding its operations throughout the Australian waste industry, becoming the dedicated distributor of Action Vibratory Equipment nationally.

Founded in 1972, Action Equipment has been a market leader internationally for the design, manufacturing, and installation of some of the industries most trusted equipment.

Now servicing over 33 countries, Action Equipment has found a new home in Australia.

As Lincom Group National Sales Manager- Forestry & Recycling Mark Malone explains, the decision to become the exclusive distributor of Action Vibratory Equipment was made easy by the company’s reciprocated values.

“Action are a family-owned company, so they are very much like Lincom Group in that way. Just like Lincom Group, Action also places an emphasis on delivering quality products for its customers,” he said.

“Also, much like Action, we invest most of our earnings back into the company, to support innovation within the organisation and to continue to service our loyal customers.”

A United States-based manufacturer; Action has developed its range of products from its Oregon base. The distribution agreement will complement Lincom Group’s services and ambition to grow, Mark says.

“The agreement will allow Lincom Group to distribute quality vibratory conveyors, feeders, screeners and separators nationwide,” he says.

“These products are expertly designed for the recycling industry, especially construction and demolition, which requires robust equipment.”

The distribution agreement will further expand Lincom Group’s equipment portfolio, with Action products servicing quarries, recycling plants and mines.

Having already won the annual Powerscreen Regional Dealer of the Year Award in three consecutive years (2015, 2016 and 2017), the distribution agreement is set to bolster Lincom Group’s position as a nationally renowned equipment distributor.

It will also support plans for Lincom Group’s emergence within the recycling industry, where the company is looking to gather a larger foothold to service its established customer base.

Reflecting its values of leadership, dependability, passion, integrity, customer focus and long-term value is at the core of Lincom Group’s operations.

Becoming the distributor of Action will help Lincom Group to re-enforce these core values within its everyday servicing of the waste industry, as Mark explains.

“As part of our operations, we invest heavily in spare parts, equipment and support. Our service ensures that customers are able to access spare parts no matter where they are across Australia,” he says.

“Distributing Action products is  the next step towards offering more quality products to more customers nationally in the waste and recycling sector.”

Action products will also form part of Lincom Group’s national product support coverage, which Mark says is now available throughout all of Australia.

“We’ve got five locations Australia-wide, which are strategically located, including sites in Perth, Queensland, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and Ballarat,” he says.

“This ensures that our customer base can be supported, no matter where they are.”

The Action difference

For Lincom Group, creating quality products to service the Australian waste sector required an increased level of robustness, quality, and longevity. Action Equipment’s line of vibratory equipment is purpose-built for a range of Australian applications.

Reduced maintenance, operation noise and moving parts are just some of the many benefits of installing Action vibratory equipment.

Compared to other conveying and screening equipment, Action vibratory machines were built to be heavy duty.

The Taper-Slot screen, Vibra-Snap screen and Dense-OUT vibratory air separator are just three of the exclusive high-quality Action products that will be distributed by Lincom Group.

The Taper-Slot screen combines high stroke with low rpm and the ability to be custom designed per the application.

Ease of installation, maintenance and operation are a mainstay of all Action equipment, all the while not compromising performance for customers.

The Vibra-Snap screen can maintain optimal performance, whether it is situated in wet, sticky, or fine applications. The double-deck design for the screener is also available, allowing for the screening of materials which are of multiple sizes.

For recovering the highest quality and quantity for end products, The Dense-OUT vibratory air separator grants operators the ability to separate materials based on density and bulkiness.

This is done by offering a machine that can reliably run for 24 hours a day, while also being efficient and reducing costs for labour and maintenance.

Materials can also avoid being put into landfills, reducing disposal fees for operators who can see the machine retrofitted to their existing plants.

Action’s bespoke range of machinery includes five more products, of which customers can be assured will be of high quality and supported by Lincom Group’s service support team.

Article published by Waste Managament Review, September edition. 


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