Lighting the way: Our support to the Royal Flying Doctor Guiding Light Appeal

Apr 3, 2024 | News

We are dedicated to initiatives that significantly benefit the communities we serve. In this spirit, we are proud to contribute to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Guiding Lights Appeal. Our support for this vital project is a tribute to our founder Roy Watterson, who was an avid aviator.

The RFDS is critical in providing emergency medical services to families living in outback Queensland, where the nearest hospital can be more than two hours away. However, executing an emergency aeromedical retrieval from a remote location during the night presents its unique challenges.

The Guiding Lights Appeal aims to overcome these obstacles by supplying emergency airstrip lantern kits, medical chests, and essential equipment to Queensland’s regional, rural, and remote areas. By illuminating airstrips, our donation contributes to enhancing the safety of RFDS staff and pilots while ensuring that critical care reaches patients in need.

Nick Tully, RFDS Pilot, designed these lanterns in response to the high costs and maintenance challenges of conventional airstrip lighting solutions. The innovative lanterns, which are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, are a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of those dedicated to improving emergency medical services in remote areas.

Roy Watterson’s lanterns, now in use at Boobera Station north of Cunnamulla, are part of a broader effort to ensure that all 1,200 airstrips registered with the RFDS in Queensland are adequately equipped for emergencies.

Supporting the Guiding Lights Appeal can help ensure remote communities are prepared for emergencies. To join us in this cause, consider donating through the RFDS website –

The photo shows Nurse Melinda and Doctor Dominique holding the lanterns that are dedicated to Roy Watterson.