JBS Australia is the country’s largest and most successful processor, exporter and feed-lotter of the finest grain and pasture-fed meats for the international and domestic markets, with a reputation that’s been built over 20 years. Located half an hour west of Toowoomba (QLD), JBS Beef City Feed-Lot is a specialised grain fed processing facility that delivers up to 1,092 cattle per day for the high-end global beef market.

Looking for the best solution to minimise its impact on the surrounding environment and the community, JBS needed an efficient way to remove manure produced on site. The best cost effective solution came from Lincom Group “The Powerscreen Chieftain 1700 2 deck is fitted with a shredder on the outlet of the feeder. The hydraulically run shredder serves as a shaft that contains 30 blades and spins at approximately 460rpm. All the manure that passes through breaks up producing a product that is easier to screen and less oversized following the screening. Results are less waste and more end product” explains David McDermott, Lincom Group’s Area Sales Manager.

The Powerscreen Chieftain 1700 is a medium sized track mobile screen available in a 2 or 3 deck option depending on the customers’ needs and application and is primarily aimed at end users requiring high volumes of finished products.

JBS Australia new Powerscreen Chieftain 1700 is fitted with a top deck of 40mm mesh and a bottom deck of 19mm piano wire. The finished end product is minus 19mm. Results are impressive with 150 and 200 tonnes per hour of minus 19mm end product being produced.


Lincom Group is a leading provider of material processing equipment and services for the construction, infrastructure, forestry, recycling, quarrying and mining industries. With operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands the Australian owned family business provides industry leading solutions for more than 20 years.


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