Pronar HPBK-67HA

Product Details

The main element of the Pronar HPBK-67HA press is a slider moving in the channel. Its movement is forced by a hydraulic cylinder with a big crushing force. The press slider compresses the material in the chamber, after which it is withdrawn from and the cycle is repeated after the chamber is filled again. After obtaining the appropriate – previously programmed – bale length, the machine starts the automatic fourfold binding system. The bale with a width of 1100mm, a height of 750mm and a length from 600 to 1200mm is pushed out of the chamber by the next forming bale.

This press is not only modern but also safe to use. The machine is practically maintenance-free (apart from putting in the wire once in a while). Baling takes place automatically. The door to the crushing chamber is locked and secured with a special lock. The HPBK-67HA baling press is convenient to use as well.